The Argument for Innovation (Video)

“Innovation means putting ideas to work. It is a discipline that can be learned, practiced, and leveraged to propel meaningful transformation and sustainable success, and it is proving to be the margin of difference in the largest concentrated sector of our economy: healthcare. This is where the stakes may be highest because the transcendent ideas that come from the patient bedside or laboratory bench don’t just translate to a bottom line, they improve ad extend human life.” – Innovation the Cleveland Clinic Way: Powering Transformation by Putting Ideas to Work 

At MLA 2016 in Toronto, Dr. Thomas J. Graham presented The Argument for Innovation: Powering Transformation by Putting Ideas to Work. Dr. Graham discussed putting innovative ideas to work, closing gaps in the innovation ecosystem, and the key principles to leverage innovation to improve and extend human life and create economic prosperity. Watch the videos here to see how Dr. Graham’s ideas can turn your organization into a high-innovation enterprise:

Part 1: The Approach to Innovation

Part 2: Innovation and Organization

Part 3: Q&A with Dr. Graham

About Thomas J. Graham, MD:

Dr. Graham is the Chief Health Strategy and Innovation Officer of Tavistock Group and Global Chairman of the Lake Nona Institute, and was formerly the Chief Innovation Officer for the Cleveland Clinic. A serial entrepreneur and prolific inventor with nearly 50 worldwide patents, he is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon and is regularly recognized as one of “America’s Best Doctors.”

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