Library Makerspaces: Breaking Through Silos and Blending Expertise

According to Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director of the DC Public Library Foundation, one of the most valuable aspects of library makerspaces and their associated activities, such as co-working spaces, is the opportunity to create a hub by breaking down silos that exist between people in the community. This hub helps to blend the expertise of people who come from artistic and creative backgrounds with those who are more skilled with technology and engineering.

Learn more in this video as John Rennie, Editorial Director for AccessScience, discusses with Ms. Hegarty about the ways library makerspaces blend expertise in communities, how library makerspaces can encourage organic interests in learning about STEM, and how we may see more and more maker activities integrated in school curricula:

For more information about how libraries are adapting to the needs of their communities, please download our Librarian of the Future white paper. Be sure to check the McGraw-Hill Professional Insights blog for more about library makerspaces, community building, and the shifting mission of libraries today.


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