Capture Students’ Attention with Data Visualization

It can be a real challenge to hold your students’ attention these days—and now you have to compete with Jigglypuff, too. If you’re looking for innovative ways to spark interest in class, you’re not alone. At ASEE 2016 back in June, we talked to some engineering faculty about ways to keep students engaged. Using data visualization as a method of effectively reaching the current majority of visual learners came up as an ideal solution.

J.P. Mohsen, Chair and Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Louisville, has noticed his students are well-versed in learning visually and electronically, and he tries to capitalize on this. “We have to work in their terms…speak their language. (Data visualization) tools will help us,” Dr. Mohsen said.

“Students really need something visualized. …You need to catch their imagination,” said Marylee Southard, Associate Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Kansas. “They need to be able to learn quickly. That’s the mark of the engineer.”

After getting an early look at AccessEngineering’s DataVis, she described how she’ll use this interactive data visualization tool to show students how to evaluate materials and their properties for use in chemical and biological engineering applications. “You can use DataVis…to focus on a particular class of compounds that have the properties that you want,” said Dr. Southard.

Vivian Luo, Associate Professor in the Construction Management Department at California State University, Fresno, stopped by our booth at ASEE for a demo of DataVis, and was pretty impressed. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said. “It’s interactive. Students can play with it and quickly see the results.”

AccessEngineering’s DataVis is the interactive, web-based data visualization tool that transforms the way your students learn about material properties. Find out more about DataVis here, or request a free trial of AccessEngineering—your all-in-one solution for professional engineering content integrated with dynamic teaching and learning tools.

To learn more about how interactive data visualization can make it easier for your students to learn and understand complex concepts, download this free white paper: Using Interactive Data Visualization to Promote an Active Learning Experience for Engineering Students.

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