Advancing Clinical Knowledge with Point of Care Resources

The struggle to fit clinical knowledge and the resources to find knowledge into the busy routines of healthcare professionals is one of the main challenges faced by physicians at every stage of their career says Dr. Zubin Eapen, Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University and Medical Director of the Duke Heart Failure Same Day Access Clinic. Dr. Eapen sat down with McGraw-Hill Education to speak about this and other issues practicing physicians must navigate now, and the issues future physicians must contend with over the coming years. Listen below to hear what Dr. Eapen believes could be a solution to some of these problems, such as new healthcare technology that can mix foundational learning with resources that are nimble enough to be used at the point of care.

Dr. Zubin Eapen on the advance of clinical knowledge with point of care resources:

If you’d like more information about how point of care references can be combined with foundational knowledge resources, please download this white paper, Cardiology: Current Practice Gives Glimpse of the Future.

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