Highlights from ASEE 2016: Innovations in Engineering Education

This year’s ASEE Conference was buzzing with excitement—from robots and Rube Goldberg creations to the latest on ABET to that traveling jazz band. There was so much to see and do, you probably experienced a bit of FOMO.

If you missed out on our intriguing technical session on data visualization in engineering education, don’t worry! We recorded it and you can watch it now. Dr. Anselm Spoerri of Rutgers University explores why data visualization is such a powerful teaching tool.

In his presentation, Dr. Spoerri shows some compelling examples such as how the New York Times uses interactive data visualizations to enhance its stories. He also demonstrates how to use data visualization to teach engineering students about material properties.

Did you know that visual aids improve learning by up to 400%? That’s a pretty impressive number, and it makes sense considering 65% of the population is made up of visual learners.

“The human visual system is excellent at using motion to extract structure and create meaning,” says Dr. Spoerri when considering interactive data visualizations. He would know—he’s conducted research in the field of information visualization for the last 20 years and teaches his students how best to visualize data.

Check out Dr. Spoerri’s presentation now:

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You can also download Dr. Spoerri’s free white paper: Using Interactive Data Visualization to Promote an Active Learning Experience for Engineering Students.

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