How to Integrate an Entrepreneurial Mindset into Engineering Education

Today’s engineering students need to learn how to think entrepreneurially to identify solutions and create value in a comprehensive way—one that considers business perspectives in addition to technical specifications. Given the complexity and interconnectedness of contemporary engineering issues, the traditional approach of students studying engineering in a vacuum is proving less effective in preparing students for career success.

The home for entrepreneurship is no longer exclusively in business schools. At Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, engineering students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Craig Downing is the Department Head and Associate Professor of Engineering Management at Rose-Hulman where he provides leadership for traditional academic programming and entrepreneurial initiatives, both on and off-campus. He recently presented a one-hour webinar—Optimizing the Engineering Educational Experience: Integrating an Entrepreneurial Mindset—sponsored by ACRL and Choice. In the webinar, Craig discusses how the various programs and courses at Rose-Hulman are designed to integrate an entrepreneurial mindset in tandem with an engineering skillset.

This webinar provides you with:

A compelling leadership rationale and strategy for cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in engineering education

  • Craig describes how to develop a leadership team of change agents with the common goal of creating an entrepreneurial-focused learning environment. At Rose-Hulman, this team includes the president, vice president, dean, librarian, and key faculty members.

Detailed examples of scalable entrepreneurial programming and initiatives being successfully deployed at Rose-Hulman

  • ESCALATE (Engineering Student Community Actively Learning Advanced Technical Entrepreneurship) – A unique living and learning community through which students learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset focused on identifying market opportunities, developing innovative solutions, and capturing value to build companies and industries.
  • KEEN (Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network) – A national effort by The Kern Family Foundation to align U.S. private engineering colleges to produce graduates who possess enterprising attitudes, resolute integrity, and entrepreneurial mindsets—characterized by exercising curiosity, seeking connections, and creating value.
  • Rose-Hulman Ventures—a successful on-campus product design, rapid prototyping, and development firm where students develop innovative technology-based solutions for client partners.

Valuable information on resources and tools which can assist in the entrepreneurial mindset integration process

  • PDF blueprints that show how Rose-Hulman engineering courses have been redesigned and infused with entrepreneurial skills such as communication, risk management, painstorming, funding, grant writing, financial risk analysis, business plan development, and more.
  • McGraw-Hill Education’s AccessEngineering—the interdisciplinary online resource that integrates the world’s best-known and most-trusted engineering content with analytical, problem-solving, teaching, and learning tools.

Engineering graduates are best prepared for success in today’s global society through rigorous training in technical fundamentals infused with an entrepreneurial mindset. In this one-hour webinar, you’ll find out how entrepreneurial skills are integrated into the engineering education program at Rose-Hulman—and how you can achieve this transformation at your institution.

Watch the webinar now.


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