Hurst’s The Heart Marks 50th Year in the Study and Advancement of Cardiovascular Medicine

McGraw-Hill Education released the landmark cardiology text, Hurst’s The Heart, completely revised under a team of the world’s leading cardiologists led by Dr. Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, Director of Mount Sinai Heart and Physician-in-Chief, the Mount Sinai Hospital. The editorial team also includes Dr. Robert Harrington, MD, MACC, Arthur L. Bloomfield Professor of Medicine at the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute; Jagat Narula, MD, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; and Zubin Eapen, MD, MHS, Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center.

Hurst’s is a good example of something that has stood the test of time,” says Dr. Harrington, “We have a text which has moved from the work of a single individual, Willis Hurst, to being the work of many dozens of authors over the years. So, Hurst’s has remained true to its roots… a comprehensive look at heart disease from the perspective of many, many authors who are experts in the many areas of cardiovascular disease. It has stood the test of time because it has kept up with the times.”

Watch Dr. Narula’s interview from ACC 2017:

Much has changed in medicine since Willis Hurst, Lyndon B. Johnson’s cardiologist, first edited The Heart with Dr. R. Bruce Logue. Hurst’s vision to assemble in one text the observations, studies, and outcomes of the world’s leading cardiologists made Hurst’s The Heart one of the most widely used medical texts in the world. Editor Dr. Zubin Eapen reflects that “it’s amazing that something that has been around for half a century can still be relevant, but I really think that Hurst’s The Heart is one of those core resources. And maybe one of the reasons is that the heart really hasn’t changed that much but our understanding of it has…there has been a need to have core foundational resources for knowledge like Hurst’s The Heart that are written by people who know what cardiology is like and has been able to build and update to meet the needs of learners…it’s what made Hurst’s initially successful and being able to update over the past 50 years to make it contemporary has made it a trusted resource in cardiology.”

At the American Cardiology Conference in Washington D.C., Dr. Bernard Monteleone, former Director of Saint Francis Heart Center in Roslyn, New York, who used Hurst’s when he was a cardiology fellow, reflected on the importance of the text as a solid foundation for the study and practice of cardiology. “This book really addresses the questions we had going back forty years ago, answers to which are now available, but they only stimulate more thought. If 1 million people are still dying of cardiovascular disease and we still have 700,000 more of minor cardiovascular infarctions, of which 250-300,000 are secondary events, what do we need to do more? Use this textbook as a foundation when you can’t find the answer and ask, ‘Why hasn’t anybody answered that question?’”

Watch Dr. Monteleone’s interview from ACC 2017:

Among the many updates to the text from Dr. Fuster and his team include new sections on women’s cardiovascular health, metabolic disorders, and arrythmogenic cardiomyopathy. True to Dr. Hurst’s vision of keeping The Heart at the vanguard of cardiovascular study and practice, the 14th edition will be the final print edition for the 50 year-old text.

In response to the need for cardiology fellows to manage the growing volume of medical knowledge, clinical trials, and practice impacting guidelines, Hurst’s The Heart will exist as the cornerstone of AccessCardiology, McGraw-Hill’s newest online reference for the study and practice cardiology. “One has to be constantly up to date with what is going on,” observes Dr. Fuster, “Knowledge is evolving very fast…the 14th edition will be a transition into the website where all the information will be percolated constantly; now a book is every four years, so in that time things change radically. Now is going to be a constant [update] in a dynamic of the book.”

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