Meeting the Needs of Today’s Tech-savvy Students

These days, technology is embedded into our culture and our everyday lives—from smart phones to smart homes. Today’s students expect the same kind of technological innovations to enhance their educational experience. For instance, 84% of students say technology helps their professors to be more efficient and effective in teaching classes, and 86% feel that technology helps them to be more efficient and effective students, according to a recent McGraw-Hill Education study.

Meeting the expectations of today’s tech-savvy students can be a daunting challenge—but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of tools available to help transform your classroom into an interactive learning environment in which students can truly engage with the material in a way that suits them.

Craig Downing, Department Head and Associate Professor of Engineering Management at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, recently spoke about the importance of integrating interactive digital solutions into engineering courses. In this short video, Craig describes how offering students a technologically enhanced learning experience can prepare them to solve real-world engineering problems.

“At Rose-Hulman, we are trying to move away from those things which are comfortable for us to develop learning environments that are suitable for our students.”

One successful digital solution in use at Rose-Hulman is McGraw-Hill Education’s AccessEngineering—the interdisciplinary online resource that integrates the world’s best-known and most-trusted engineering content with analytical, problem-solving, teaching, and learning tools. Faculty and students benefit from its innovative features as well as its cross-device and cross-platform compatibility.

Smart phones and tablets are ubiquitous on campus—more than 80% of students use mobile devices to study and more than 60% say that technology helps them feel better prepared for class, according to a report by McGraw-Hill Education and Hanover Research. Providing students with course materials that fit with their mobile, technology-infused lifestyles improves learning outcomes.

Listen to what Craig Downing has to say about how technology can transform the teaching and learning experience—and get some insights you can apply at your institution. You can also download Craig’s case study on how the entrepreneurial mindset is integrated into the engineering education program at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


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