The Psychological Effect of Trauma on Physicians (Podcast)

Auto accidents are the 9th most common cause of death worldwide, and are poised to move into the top 5 by 2030. Dr. James Zender, a PhD clinical and forensic psychologist with over 30 years trauma experience, the last 15 of which he specialized in auto accident trauma treatment and care, joined our podcast to discuss the epidemic of auto accidents and the psychological effect of trauma on healthcare professionals. This is an especially relevant topic for residents who are just beginning their medical careers, since the trauma they encounter in hospital emergency rooms can have a disastrous impact on their mental health if proper support structures are not in place.

Dr. Zender discusses the psychological impact of trauma on patients and physicians, the “trauma reservoir” and its impact on the coping abilities of physicians, and the three things physicians and residents need to know about trauma in order to deliver the best patient care possible.

Mental health issues are a serious concern among physicians and residents. For more information on how to combat some of these issues, please read our blog post “Always Events”: A Mental Health Checklist for Resident Physicians.


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