Repair of Ventral Hernia (Infographic)

Ventral hernias in the anterior abdominal wall include both spontaneous or primary hernias (e.g., umbilical, epigastric, and spigelian) and, most commonly, incisional hernias that occur after an abdominal operation. It is estimated that 2% to 13% of all abdominal operations result in an incisional hernia.

Open component separation is used almost exclusively for midline ventral hernia defects, whether they are single or multiple, when the use of synthetic or biologic mesh is not an option for repair. Component separation enables the detection and repair of multiple defects—a common finding in midline incisional hernias.

Repair of Ventral Hernia

This infographic is to be used for informational purposes only and should not serve as a thorough instructional piece. For more information regarding the Repair of Ventral Hernia Open Component Parts Separation, please review Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations, 10th Edition. You can also download the infographic.
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